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Tower Crane Markings and Documentation – Instruction manuals and log book

Tower Crane Markings and Documentation – Instruction manuals and log book

Manufacturer’s manuals containing all pertinent data relating to operation and maintenance for the specific model of crane in use must be provided with each machine.

The language used in the majority of the workforce in Hong Kong, especially among the shop-floor operations and the middle supervisory staff, is Chinese. It is essential that all the written instructions, the documents and literatures given by the crane manufacturers in relation to the safe use of the cranes (such as the load charts), if not in Chinese, be translated into Chinese so that the operatives have no difficulty in understanding them. Suitable arrangement should also be made to enhance communication in workplace where people would use languages other than Chinese or English.

If the equipment is not supplied with a log book then one should be started, maintained and kept at the workplace for the regular, periodic recording of all inspections, tests, repairs, maintenance, and hours of service related to the machine. All entries should be dated and signed by the operator, repairman and supervisor. The crane owner should ensure that the log book remains with the crane and is kept up-to-date throughout the working life of the crane