Selection of Tower Cranes

Each class of Tower Crane possesses certain basic characteristics which will usually dictate the one most suited to a particular application. Tower cranes must be selected to suit the job. If the crane’s basic characteristics do not match the job’s requirements, unsafe conditions will be created and accidents are prone to happen.

Reference should therefore be made to the following sub-sections 6.2 and 6.3 below for details of different crane types and their operational characteristics.

The type of tower cranes to be used should be considered against the job requirements for a particular application. Points to be considered in making the selection include:

weights and dimensions of loads;

heights of lift and distances/areas of movement of loads;

number and frequency of lifts;

length of time for which the crane will be required;

workplace conditions, including ground conditions for crane standing, and space available for crane access, erection, operation and dismantling; and
any special operational requirements or limitations imposed including the existence of other cranes in close proximity.

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